The Digital
Heart of
Real Estate

Plyo is one of the most advanced platforms for managing sales and leasing of real estate currently operating in Norway with a global ambition.

Documented to increase sales, brand awareness and lowers cost and time to market. On track to be one of the first all-in-one solution for the entire customer cycle.


Market leading in Norway with many of the
largest real estate companies onboard

Complete control of your
real estate portfolio.

The all-in-one B2B Enterprise SaaS solution
for the sales of homes and leasing of
commercial real estate

Our product offering

  • Email marketing
  • Property Management
  • Property Explorer
  • Property Customisation
  • Leads Management
  • Customer Management
  • Site Builder
  • More coming soon


We will become the digital heart of real estate

Our mission is to create the first all-in-one solution for sales and leasing of real estate and fill the vacuum in the global market.

Our Story

Two founders and a living room

Plyo was founded by Aksel G. Gresvig and Herman R. Wenstad in the winter months of 2014, in Herman's cold living room. Plyo has been self-financed through sales since day one and has come along way since the founders in the early days bought firewood on the company's bill to keep warm.



Plyo is a symbol of honesty, creativity and dedication.

Plyo is a company that delivers cutting-edge solutions fuelled by a passionate team of craftsmanship. At Plyo creative problem solving and constructivism is at the hearts of everything. Our culture is about high performance, personal growth and innovation.

Oslo Head Office


Everything we do we try to optimise through technology

To place force behind our words we have established Plyo.Labs, where we work on everything from drones to collaboration tools for both our user and for internal use. We always seek to utilise the leading technology available to solve our task.

Company metrics


per month


of new homes
Norwegian market


for rent

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

- Albert Einstein

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