Are you our next Product Owner?


Are you our next Product Owner?

Position: Product owner
Type: full-time, remote

About Plyo

Plyo is a prop-tech company and the Norwegian market leader in digitizing the sales and leasing of real estate. We create 'Shopify' for real estate and work with the leading real estate companies in Norway with a market share of around 15-20% of the Norwegian new built housing market.

Our company is growing fast and with new investors onboard - we are looking to scale and start preparing for internationalisation. Therefore we are expanding our product team and are looking for a Product Owner to join our our Product Team to create new and develop existing services inside Plyo platform. 

You will join a small but growing team and have a lot of space for professional growth. You will cooperate daily alongside with product owners, designers and engineers who are passionate about what they do and strongly believe in the product success.

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About this role

You will be responsible for several components or services inside the platform. You’ll be helping to create vision and strategy, identify, craft and deliver solutions.

This is a highly visible and rewarding role with the potential to make an immediate positive impact in an area directly involved in some of Plyo top strategic initiatives.

We aim to deliver an efficient, robust platform for our clients and to excel in automation. We'd like to see you be comfortable navigating between high level business objectives and deep technical requirements and challenges. Simplifying and staying creative within constraints will be your mantra. 

What you will do

  • You'll help formulate Plyo platform mid- and long-term product vision, goals and strategy.
  • You'll translate that strategy into specific plans and objectives over the short- and medium-term and execute these plans.
  • You'll guide the prioritization of work and help make resourcing and prioritization tradeoffs more generally.
  • You'll build a product roadmap based on customer needs, resources, and strategic opportunities.
  • You'll work together with our Product Designer team to ideate, prototype and iterate on a new user experience for the new and existing services.
  • You'll work closely with Product Owners to ensure we're using the right metrics to inform our product roadmap and to measure success.
  • You'll work closely with Product Development team to collaborate on creative aspects of the features' implementation and to ensure healthy delivery – including capabilities, happiness, resilience, and growth.
  • You'll lead one or more cross-functional teams to deliver with speed and quality.
  • You'll lead one or more strategic projects/initiatives

Who you are

  • You have 2+ years of experience in defining and driving product strategy as a product manager
  • Experienced with building platforms used by large ecosystems of users and businesses
  • You are more generalist, rather than more narrow "product manager" role
  • You are agile and flexible to play different roles - product/project/designer/analyst roles depending on the circumstances, project, client and market movements
  • You have excellent leadership and relationship building skills
  • You are a great communicator and storyteller, communicating concepts and ideas to partners at all levels, in different shapes depending on the context
  • Passionate about building outstanding experiences
  • A consistent track record of developing and handling software products
  • Experience of building products with User Interfaces together with UX specialists and designers
  • You know how to encourage, empower and support a team to get things done
  • You know how to influence decision-making at all levels within an organisation
  • You can operate under stress and pressure of deadlines, be happy with it and make the team and customers happy

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