Superior tools for presenting
your new housing project

Plyo has market-leading tools for showcasing and selling new builds, all integrated into one platform, delivering a comprehensive customer journey and aggregate data on usage, and interaction for all tools.


A fully digital presentation

Get all the tools you need to showcase your project. The solution includes support for gallery and video presentation, animations, travel time calculator as well as all the sections and subpages you need.

An immersive Apartment Chooser experience

With more than 60% of traffic coming from mobile* on customer apartment chooser pages, it's crucial to provide an experience optimised for all devices. Give potential home buyers a better user experience with Plyo's feature-rich and mobile-adapted apartment chooser, and customise every unit page with unique content.

Give home buyers tools to customise their new home 

With our plan and package selector, home buyers can adapt their unit with different floor plans, interior concepts, appliances and choice of parking. Get the 'shopping cart' sent by email or register by confirming interest to the broker.

Visualise the view from every balcony

Apartment views should be displayed, not explained. With our View Selector, you can give new home buyers the opportunity to interactively experience the view from each balcony or terrace, directly on the unit page in the Apartment Chooser.

See sun exposure for every unit by time of day & season

Let home buyers explore solar conditions from every balcony. Our sun tracker can be rotated, set to different seasons and time of day.

Remove friction with digital sales documents & contracts

Give home buyers the best conditions for exploring all parts of the project online. With digital documents, users can explore all legal documents without having to download large files.

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