Save time & reduce cost with
self-service solutions

Plyo CMS provides you with easy and intuitive tools for simple edits- and optimisation of your website and project pages. In addition, a Newsletter module is directly integrated with all of your news and posts, accompanied by its own analytics dashboard

Auto-generation of sales & marketing material

If you have a housing portal, you can easily create and publish projects on your own. With a few clicks, you can create a full-fledged digital marketing package with pages for all phases of your project.

Lower maintenance & support costs

Our website editing tool is easy to use and designed for fast and efficient updating of all content. This eliminates dependencies and costs associated with 3P services, and gives you complete control of your own site and content. 

Time saved with fewer suppliers and 3P solutions

With all projects centralised in one portal, you avoid a fragmented system landscape with multiple stand-alone web pages, passwords and Google accounts. Simplify administration and get better oversight.

Fixed prices make for easier budgeting

All our project plans and design packages have fixed pricing, accessible and transparent pricing, which makes for easier budgeting 

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  • Superior tools for presenting your new housing project

  • Unlock synergies with the housing portal

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  • Measure the performance of your projects

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