Measure the performance of your projects

Get better insight into the performance of your projects with our analytics dashboard- Workspace. More and better access to data improves your ability to stay on-top of your projects, and take action where and when needed.

Performance view

integrated with Google

Get insights and analysis from your Google account visualised directly in the platform. Identify trends and patterns in how visitors engage with specific projects or your website as a whole, and where your visitors come from. 

Get sales statistics in real-time

It's never been easier to stay on-top of sales performance of your portfolio of projects, or of individual ones. Get real time sale statistics in an integrated dashbord with data visualisations that makes performance reporting easy. 

Integrated Leads management  

In a dedicated leads-bank section of Workspace- that's directly integrated with your brokerage system, you get an overview of your leads per project along with tools that allow you to edit, download and upload leads to keep the list up to date.

Access to all projects and subpages

Workspace is the entry point for creating and editing all subpages and sections of your website. Here you get a complete overview of what's been published, with simple steps to access pages where you want to update content.

Built-in newsletter solution

Our solution comes with a built-in newsletter module that's directly integrated with the leads bank for your project. Easily convert a blog post or news article into content for a newsletter, and send it to relevant leads. Each newsletter also shows relevant statistics like click-through-rate.

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