Build your own system-landscape

The Plyo platform is integrated with a range of systems and service providers. With years of experience with complex integration solutions, we have the tools to integrate your system-landscape.


Connect to a real estate agent

By integrating with your agent's system provider, we can synchronize data including customers, leads, and other essential information, entirely automatically. Plyo is already integrated with several of the most widespread brokerage systems in the Nordics. If you want to connect to a new brokerage house or office, we can facilitate this.


Synchronize customer lists across platforms

Do you use a CRM service provider to keep track of your customers and stakeholders? Our platform allows you to integrate with third-party systems so you can share lists across systems.


More complex integration needs?

We have executed a number of integration projects, both with and without a dedicated integration partner. Tell us about your needs and we will find a solution together.

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