A solution built for Enterprise Developers

Plyo serves as the digital foundation for several leading enterprise developers in the Nordics. A platform chosen for its ability to showcase projects and monetize portfolios, catering to the unique needs of every customer.

A complete toolbox for sales & marketing

Plyo.NewHome comes with a complete set of sales and marketing tools including features like Newsletter, Leads-administrator and CMS. With everything integrated on one platform, you can achieve new efficiencies and save costs by reducing the need for third-party tools and services.

Exclusive access to product forums  

All our Enterprise customers get exclusive access to our product forum where they get the opportunity to provide input on the product roadmap. This allows Enterprise customers to directly influence the prioritization of the development of new products and services.

Priority access to new products & services

Our Enterprise customers are given the first opportunity to Alpha & Beta test new products. They'll also get launch priority for new products and features. Early access to cutting-edge technology ensures that your business always has the most advanced tools to showcase your projects and brand. 

Documentation of solutions & processes

As an Enterprise customer, you are provided with all system and process documentation on a delivered solution. In collaboration with your IT and digitization department, we ensure full coordination and implementation.

A long-term partner for growth

Plyo works with all customers on a strategic and long-term basis. Our ambition is to be a digital sparring partner who listens to your needs and facilitates growth through innovative solutions.

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